TLS1002 Frame Kit


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This is a frame only, no electronics or wheels included.

This kit will help jump start your 1/64 RC build by providing a base to build upon!

Write up and video tutorial will be available soon!

Features of the TLS1002 kit:

•Stronger ABS like material in black!

•Easier assembly of steering; fewer and more reliable steering parts make the kit much easier to build. For those who already purchased the TLS1001 kit, a steering upgrade will be available soon.

•Rear axle mount for non RC builds; this will also be available separately in the near future

•Minor design upgrades

Included in the Kit:

1 TLS metal storage box

1 screwdriver

1 Frame (rear piece, motor arch, base plate, steering plate/steering arms, and 8 nuts/8 screws)

1 rear axle holder (for non RC setups)

1 steering to servo arm connector

2 brass steering arm ends

1 brass steering arm connector

1 micro 2 position/3 prong switch

4 magnets

Extra tubing and rods

***This kit has small parts and is not for children. Small electronics and engineering skills are needed in order to complete a build using this frame. This kit is designed to make the build process easier, but unfortunately it is still a very difficult process. Purchase at your own risk!***